Grocery, Growing crops and rearing animals.

Eva Nassuna
Loan group 
Kyosimba Onanya Biafra 5608
Farming (crop)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Eva owns a food kiosk at her home neighboring secondary school where she sells soft drinks and snacks. She bakes pancakes and half cakes, bans and other locally made snacks. She also rears animals and currently has 3 cows which produce milk. Her biggest challenge right now is a spray for spraying the animals which she doesn’t have, she uses a basin but this does not spray the crops and animals properly meaning sometimes they are prone to attacks from ticks and pests even after spraying. This is why she wants to take a new loan If she buys this spray pump, she will spray the animals well and be free from disease thus increasing yield of milk and crop output each season. The earnings from this project will help her provide basic needs especially education needs of her children.
Personal situation 
Eva was brought up by her grandmother. She is married in Katente village of Mukono. Her marriage like many others has ups and downs but to her as long as she has her own way of making a living and not to depend on her husband, it’s what gives her joy and strength to carry on. She farms and this is where she will invest her loan.
Date of birth 

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