Rose Nambi
Loan group 
Bukwaya Women group Naluwala 5327
Trade (farming)
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Rose operates a grocery at her home in one of the rooms in her house. She buys vegetables like tomatoes, onions, green pepper and otherfruits from her fellow farmers from nearby villages at wholesale price and resells them at retail price to her customers thus making profit and therefore increasing her income in the process. However, her customers ask for other food items like cassava, sweet potatoes and yams, which she usually does not have in stock due to small capital. This compelled her to join Sypo so that she can access funds which can help her purchase these items so as to satisfy and maintain her customers. Profits yielded from the business shall help her generate savings which will be used to pay school fees for her orphaned grandchildren.
Personal situation 
Rose is a born of Bunakijja and says that it is where she grew from and also studied from. She dropped out of school in primary four because her parents could not afford paying her fees and she was therefore forced to get married at an early age.
Date of birth 

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