Fries Cassava , snacks and crop farming

Beth Nakyanzi
Loan group 
Kewerimidde Mpaata 2086
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Beth was given 1.5 acres of land by her late parents that she utilizes by cultivating some food crops like maize, sweet potatoes, vegetables among others. Beth says that at the moment her vegetables have been a bit stunted in terms of growth due to much rainfall since they are a bit expensive for her to weed due to the many responsibilities she has that entail looking after her children since the husband neglected them and thus the profits she makes are quite small to help her buy these fertilizers that is why she wants to take out a loan and hire casual labourers , buy fertilizers and herbicides that will help boost the growth of her crops and she yields plenty during the time of harvest and make more profits to keep her business running and also carter for her children’s needs. Beth also runs another smaller business of frying cassava and snacks every morning and she sells it to the residents in the area that usually take it for breakfast.
Personal situation 
Beth was born in Mpaata and its where she studied from up to her primary one since her father did not see the value of educating the girl child and Beth’s mother was too obedient to the husband that when Beth’s father said there were no more studies for Beth, her mother was also on board with the whole idea.
Date of birth 

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