Food vending and mobile restaurant

Zurah Mawazo
Loan group 
Kolangomuddu Namaiba 375
Retail (market-focused)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Betty sells sugar canes and bananas. She gets them from within Namaiba and sells them at her home. In a busy day, she can make sales of 8,000/= with a profit of 3,500/= but after adding capital to her business, she expects to get more. In addition to, Betty also operates a mobile restaurant where she prepares food from her home and takes it in the trading center to serve her clients. At the trading center, she only has a bench her utensils without an established business location but just at the road side. Betty has high hopes that her business is going to develop and improve her standards of living after investing the loan to her business.
Personal situation 
Zurah Mawazo says that she grew up with her father and her step mother who taught her up to primary four and they ran bankrupt. She tried all ways and got a job to work as a house maid for 2 years and quitted and went back to her parents’ home but a few years later, she got married and produced one child who is also married with a family. Currently she deals in sugar cane, bananas, food items plus making pan cakes at the same time making crafts. She needs a loan to buy more bananas and sugar canes.
Date of birth 

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