Food selling and retail shop

Juliet Nakirayi
Loan group 
God is able Kisoga Central 2449
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Juliet cooks local food for a living, she cooks food like bananas, rice, sweet potatoes, beans, posho and ground nuts on a daily basis and she then takes them to Namaiba in Royal van Zanten which is a flower company and she sells to the workers during lunch time. Juliet says that her only challenge is transport that is now tending to become expensive since she uses a motorcycle to carry her cooked for and at times the food also pours and thus she makes losses that is why she wants to take out another loan and rent a kiosk near the factory where she will be able to cook her food. Juliet says this will make her more profits as she will save on the daily transport costs and also be able to serve her customers in time and thus she will get money to carter for her children.
Personal situation 
Juliet was born in Kityabule in Nakisunga subcounty and its where she studied up to her primary seven and dropped out of school after her father refused to pay their school fees saying they should stay home and help their step mother with domestic chores since she was just a new bride who did not want to be tired with a lot of work. She later got married and her husband gave her money to start her business though she later divorced him.
Date of birth 

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