Fish selling and farming

Teopista Nakamate
Loan group 
Bukwaya Women group Naluwala 5327
Trade (farming)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Teopista deals in the sale of Nile perch fish which she buys and smokes it by herself so as to preserve it because there is no electricity in their area. Teopista owns boats that fish at katosi. She is also a farmer who grows food both for domestic consumption and sale. She grows mainly bananas and cassava. Teopista wants to take a loan to buy 2 new fishing boats and nets because they bring in quick money because the ones she had got worn-out. She believes that she will be able to make a lot of profits which she will use to educate her children.
Personal situation 
Teopista was born in Lugazi katosi village in Mukono and its where she studied from up to her primary seven and dropped out of school since her parents did not have money. She later got married but she has now separated with her husband and she is staying alone with her children.
Date of birth 

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