Firewood, charcoal and fish selling

Edith Namitala
Loan group 
Miracle Namaiba 395
Trade (non-farming)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Edith says that she sells firewood and charcoal at the road side in Namaiba and fish is sold at her home. She continues to say that people know her as Nalongo fish monger therefore they always come to her home direct to buy. She buys fresh fish and deeps it in cooking oil making it ready to eat from her home. Some people eat from there and others take it to their homes for more cooking. She wishes also to invest in piggery but so far she has one pig and seven piglets but intends to maintain all of them by building for them a house for them if at all the loan is granted to her.
Personal situation 
Edith grew up with her grandmother and never went further than primary four and started to work at royal van Zanten for one year, then she got married and produced five children unfortunately one of the twins passed on. Currently, Edith sells fish with in Namaiba trading center.
Date of birth 

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