Fast foods business

Mariam Namyalo
Loan group 
Bright Namaiba 442
Hospitality (service)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Mariam has an outside catering business and she prepares fish, Irish potatoes chips, sausages, sweet potatoes, cassava chips and chicken. She makes them in her home and later supplies to her out lets like in Namaiba and Sseta. She also has young ladies who sell her food moving door to door at a cost. Mariam says that she invests 200,000/= per day and make sales of 250,000/=. But after adding the loan to her business, she expects to make even more profits.
Personal situation 
Mariam a born of 1980 narrates that, she grew up with both her parents and studied up to senior four and her parents ran bankrupt. She once worked as a house maid for 3 years, worked in a restaurant for one year until she met her husband and got married. Currently she deals in fast foods where she prepares fish, cassava chips, irish potato chips among others. She needs a loan to add capital to her business so as to boost it more.
Date of birth 

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