Farming tomatoes and piggery

Dorothy Adikini
Loan group 
Kitibwa Kya Mukama Banda Kyandaza 612
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Dorothy is a farmer off all fresh food and cash crops like banana plantation a garden of tomatoes, cabbages, eggplants etc. She is already harvesting for the previous season and she has gained experience in farming. The customers like her fresh food items from her garden because she takes enough time for her crops which results into good yields. Currently she rears pigs and wants to invest part of the loan in piggery to buy feeds as well as construct a modernized sty for them instead of the one she has which is very substandard. With the above she expects to plant a bigger portion to enable her get good harvest so as to earn high income to enable her meet the basic needs of her grandmother and child and hopefully return to school.
Personal situation 
Dorothy dropped out of school when she conceived. She got a job in town so as to help her take care of her child. Life was not easy though and this forced her to leave the city. She lives with her grandmother and child in the village of kitebe, southern part of Mukono . She practices farming and animal rearing and she wishes to invest this loan so as to help her grandmother and child.
Date of birth 

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