Farming and Trading coffee and retail shop.

Leah Wamala
Loan group 
Twekembe Banda Kyandaza 363
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Leah practices animal husbandry for over twenty years. She has 3fresian cows for milk and the milk supply is throughout the year. She feeds them on local feeds, local grass and customized grass which she grows. Her area is sometimes infested by Tse-tse flies and outdoor rearing puts the cows at risk of catching disease. She wants to repairs a shade for her cows such that other cows cannot access hers hence reducing chances of getting ill and attaining greater health. With good health, they will produce much milk to be sold all year through. She also rears improved pigs and has 8 pigs which she wants to enlarge and improve its structure and buy feeds so as to fatten them well with the loan. She rears them up to 10 months and when they produce piglets she sells to earn income to support her family.
Personal situation 
Leah lost her beloved husband early this year. She is widowed with 7 children, 2 adopted sons and 2 grand children. Two of her children are grown up so they give substantial support for the education of the younger siblings. However this is not enough to sustain them especially paying for the current costs of education hence she grows crops and rear animals to support these children. With this loan she expects to grow more crops and rear animals which will help her earn increased income soon just as she hopes to be able to pay fees for all the 11 children.
Date of birth 

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