Farming and trading coffee

Mega Nabakoza
Loan group 
Kirabo Biafra 2409
Trade (farming)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Mega does farming for 10 years. She managed to buy a cow and simultaneously started buying pigs with the earnings from the milk from her farm. For 10 years with the help of her husband the pigs are sold to help the family during difficult times. Currently she has 2 female pigs and 8 piglets which she plans to rear for 8 months. She has 3acres of coffee, 2 acres of maize and cassava so she wants to take out a loan such that she can buy fertilizers and harvest high yields. This will help her to earn more income hence educating her children.
Personal situation 
Mega basically spent her entire lifetime doing farming. She has four children to take care of and all she looks to is her farm because her husband owns cows and they have to work together so as to raise fees for the children. She is requesting for her first loan from SYPO.
Date of birth 

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