Farming and selling charcoal.

Specioza Nalumu
Loan group 
Twekembe Banda Kyandaza 363
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Specioza is a trader of food items for 8 months. She takes food items to sell in the city at her biological home. Her parents still live in the city suburb and she has run her business well because they help her sell when she is recalled to attend to emergency situations in her home. She burns charcoal with the help of her husband and children. Her area has variety of wood species the owners are replacing for tree varieties which are viable. Her business started with one bag of charcoal and few food items because she feared revenue collectors however she has gradually moved to 5 bags of charcoal. Specioza still faces challenges of high costs of transporting the items at the moment. She is requesting this loan so she can process an authority letter, pay labor to cut the wood for making charcoal and hire a vehicle to carry the charcoal. This will reduce the costs and in return her profits will improve.
Personal situation 
Specioza was born and raised in the city suburb by her mother. She got married in Mukono a district next to the city and has spent 22 years. As am writing this, she has eight biological children who are all at school. Crop growing and charcoal selling is what the family depends on to meet basic needs such as food and education. She has hope that this loan will help her pursue these activities and earns income to secure a brighter future for her children through a well facilitated education fund.
Date of birth 

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