Farming and Making snacks.

Sarah Kisakye
Loan group 
Kirabo Biafra 2409
Farming (crop)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Sarah a teacher at Busale primary school has been baking chapattis to sell at the same school where she teaches to supplement her earnings. She bakes from home in the mornings and then takes to schools where she sells to school children and other staff. This has enabled her sustain herself and family because what she earns in teaching is not enough to sustain her and her child. She grows bananas at her home and owns a plantation of bananas but the output is a bit fair and of good quality after applying manure and fertilizers with her first loan. She wants to take out second loan such that she can be able to purchase 2 acres of land which will increase her earnings.
Personal situation 
Sarah studied up to s.4 where she got pregnant from and had her first child. She has been teaching infants as a nursery teacher for 2 year. She bakes chapatti to sell at the nursery school where she teaches. She wants to help her husband to take care of her home with the earnings from her business.
Date of birth 

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