Essentials retail shop

Percy Mbabazi
Loan group 
Mirembe women's group Naluwala 846
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Percy has a small essentials stall in her compound. The stall has a few items that entail curry powder, soap, cooking oil, to mention but a few. Percy continues to explain that though she has a few commodities, the sells have been good though the profits are still a bit small since the stock is also small hence she wants to take out a loan and enlarge her business to a more modernized level since she is now going to shift the shop to the house and she will put timber compartments in her house that will hold some of her commodities and also add more items to the shop. She says this will bring in more profits since she will now have most of the items needed by the people in her community and she will be able to make a lot of profits to enable her educate her last born child up to the university.
Personal situation 
Percy says that her father passed away when she was in her primary four and her mother paid for her fees up to primary seven and she also passed away so there was no other person to pay her tuition fees since even her relatives were not well off financially. She later decided to get married and after the marriage she joined some catering group on her village where they could cook on functions and later she saved up some money from the payments she got for cooking to start her own business.
Date of birth 

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