Crop farming and fish business

Sarah Nakyanzi
Loan group 
Bukwaya Women group Naluwala 5327
Trade (farming)
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Sarah has about 1.5acres that she divided into small portions and each portion has a different type of crop. The crops entail maize, cassava, beans and sweet potatoes. Sarah also trades in fish. She buys fish from katosi landing site, smokes it and sells it to her customers who come for it at her home. Sarah says her capital is very small and yet she has many customers, she is therefore requesting for a loan so that she can have enough capital to buy fish in bulk so as to satisfy her customer’s needs and hopes to make more profits to improve her family’s standards of living.
Personal situation 
Sarah was born Namulugwe village in Mukono district, she never got a chance to go to school because father died when she was still very young and the mother never had money to educate them. She stayed home with her mother helping with house chores and when she made 15years, she got married and her husband brought her to lugazi and she is the one who gave her money to start up her business and a piece of land where she cultivates her food crops.
Date of birth 

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