Crop farming and Clothes selling

Rose Nakabuye
Loan group 
Hope Namaiba 441
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Rose a commercial farmer always farms beans, sweet potatoes, and maize. She leases land at 250,000/= a year, adds fertilizers, pesticides to control pests and diseases and also sometimes hire labor. After harvesting, she sells her harvests to business people who buy in bulk but for sweet potatoes, she sells them herself at her home. For the clothes business she sells second hand clothes which she buys from Owino market in Kampala and sells them from home. She expects the loan to boost her business and give her more profits to enable her also acquire her own land.
Personal situation 
Rose Nakabuye says that she studied and dropped out of school in senior two and her father passed away and never had any support therefore decided to get married for 13 years now with three children however, they separated. Rose farmed in people’s gardens to make ends meet and acquired capital to start buying and selling clothes for 4 years to date. She later started farming of crops which she sells at her residence. She needs a loan to add capital to her farming.
Date of birth 

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