Crop farming and Canteen.

Rukia Nassimbwa
Loan group 
Tusiga Batunula Mpaata 5647
Retail (shop-focused)
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Rukia has a shop that sells essential domestic home products like cooking oil, sugar, rice, soap, etc and some groceries. Rukia says that since her capital was small, she decided to incorporate groceries as they are always on demand and they don’t cost much such that she could keep her business from collapsing. Rukia buys these items from Mpatta and transports them to Sugu. Rukia says she would like to buy in bulk so that she saves on transport costs and increase on her profits in order to pay school fees for her grand children.
Personal situation 
Rukia was born in Gomba and she did not attain any formal education as her father was polygamous and had many children to take care of. Rukia later got married and her husband brought her to mpaata where he gave her 2 acres of land and she started crop farming. Rukia says in 2012, her husband passed away and life became hard as she remained the only bread earner at home and she decided to start up a canteen alongside crop farming in order to get money for buying necessities
Date of birth 

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