Coffee trade and selling raw foods

stella nakakawa
Loan group 
Zibula Atude Kisoga 257
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Stella says her business is successful. She trades in food items like bananas, cassava, charcoal, firewood as well as bakes pancakes and cassava. She shops her food items from villages at lower prices and she brings to sell to other traders at a fair price. Stella is also a coffee trader and when she is not in the market, she is at home buying raw coffee, drying it and at her free time takes to the coffee mills where the husks are removed. Stella wants to take out a fourth loan such that she can buy a small machine that dries coffee quickly. This will help her to achieve more income hence educating her children to university level.
Personal situation 
stella is a business woman and that’s how she managed to keep her children. When she heard about this institution she joined her friends for a first loan which she invested in her business of buying and selling coffee plus food stuffs. Now that the coffee season is approaching, she is requesting for this loan to buy more coffee to sell to the mills so as to earn income to sustain her family which is her greatest source of happiness.
Date of birth 

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