Coffee selling farming and local brew

Dezilanta Namutebi
Loan group 
sinai Nakisunga 1666
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Dezilanta’s business is alcohol selling and also farming and she sells beer plus waragi, she buys from local waragi brewers in villages of Kituza, Namakwa and Maziba. She sells the alcohol from her home in her house and her clients drink from outside the shade, Besides, she also sells coffee during the season and she dries them, then after sell them to the grinding machine in Kisoga. she sells all of them since the market is always available so since the coffee season is on, she requests for a loan to allow her buy in bulk and get more profits.
Personal situation 
Daisy Namutebi grew up with her father as her mother divorced when she was still very young. She went to school but dropped out in primary three because her father was a peasant farmer and extremely poor. She narrates that she started working in different homes as a house maid for 8 years and her incomes would always help her family to acquire basic needs like food, water, salt and paraffin. At the age of 16, Daisy got married and stayed there for 12 years while farming and when they separated, she started doing different sorts get money for her survival. She currently has 2 mixed blood cows which she milks and also does crop farming at the same time sells alcohol at her home.
Date of birth 

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