Clothes selling

Zaina Zalwango
Loan group 
Kolangomuddu Namaiba 375
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Zaina hard working lady has a shop selling clothes, air time and soft drinks in the heart of Namaiba. She sells Ugandan traditional cloth material (gomesi), conglese traditional wear (bitengi), men’s trousers, shirts and ladies dresses. She also sells sodas, water, banana juice and passion fruit. She buys her clothes in Kampala city. She basically sells to residents of Namaiba and in nearby villages. She expects the loan to enable her buy trousers and Congolese wear because she had just started to sell them but the demand is high.
Personal situation 
Zaina Zalwango narrates that she lost her father when she was still young and she never got a chance to study. She stayed with her mother who also passed on when she had made 14 years. Then she got married with 5 children but the four died and she divorced. She got a job to work in a sugar plantation as a farmer for 2 years and later got another man whom she is with now. So currently she sells clothes and she also sells soft drinks however her refrigerator has a mechanical problem.
Date of birth 

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