Charcoal and food selling

Sylvia Nakamya
Loan group 
Alinyikira 2
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Sylvia has a kiosk located in Lubugumu village just next to Namaiba and it sells charcoal, bananas, vegetables, Irish potatoes, silver fish, tomatoes sugar canes and others related to those. She sells her items to people in her neighborhood while she buys them from Mukono market and villages like Sayi, Kituza and Maziba and usually uses transportation fee of 7,000/= to the villages. For a good day, she can make 20,000/= with a profit of 7,000/=. She expects the loan to help her expand the business because she has been bringing two sacks of charcoal and sometimes give out on credit and time for shopping comes when she doesnt have enough money but if she gets the loan, she will be in position to stock and also do shopping at any moment.
Personal situation 
Sylvia narrates that she grew up with both her parents and studied in government schools but she would change schools every year since her parents would always fail to pay for all the school dues and requirements. She completed primary seven and joined secondary but dropped out in senior two because she was pregnant so she stayed home and started digging in people’s farm lands to enable her cater for the born child but in 2004 she got married and started farming with her husband but got some misunderstandings and they separated. She then started to sell spare parts in Sseta which she stopped because it was a family business and was not getting anything out of it so she reconciled with her husband and later secured a job in Roy van zanteen a flower plantation in Namaiba for 1 year where she quit getting a reasonable saving and started her own kiosk selling charcoal and grocery to date.
Date of birth 

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