Buying and selling Coffee and maize

Margret Serukera
Loan group 
Kyakuwa Biafra 372
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Margret has spent a year selling maize and coffee beans. She spent years in the fishing business but because of the drastic changes, it is not profitable and of high risks. She buys dry maize and raw coffee from farmers at a reduced price and later sells to a coffee and maize mill in Kisoga where she lives with her family. She says she does not have much knowledge in this business but believes she will succeed considering her past experience. To supplement her income she has 3 pigs which she rears and intends to add. After acquiring loan she hopes to raise fees for her children who are still schooling.
Personal situation 
Margret is separated with 9 children. Most of her life she has been trading in fish which gave her a strong hold to finance her family’s needs. Edith however says that as a single mother it is challenging to supply mostly education needs for all her children so some of them only managed with a slight education which she believes will help them have a starting point in life. Two of her children are still studying and is why she is trying hard to raise income for their education from her business of selling maize and coffee.
Date of birth 

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