Buy petrol and improve on her piggery project.

Jessica Nakirya
Loan group 
Makula Kasubi 499
Farming (animal rearing)
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Jesca started selling petrol after getting her first loan and she now wants to improve on it since its doing well. She buy the petrol from Lugazi and she sells it from her home since she is located alongside the road. Her clients are usually motorists who get stuck along the way after using up all their fuel and being that there is no petrol station, she serves them. She also has eight pigs which she would like to buy feeds for and feed them well to be sold off expensively. She will improve on the pig sty to stop them from being congested. She also needs to buy a weighing scale for her coffee business to stop borrowing from neighbors. She hopes to work hard and she improves on her standard of living to live a happy life.
Personal situation 
Jessica’s mother abandoned her after her father’s death and she was brought up and educated by her sisters. Her uncles took all their possessions and this made her to drop out school since her sisters were also young. She then stayed at home until when she got married. She started crop farming and animal keeping then she opened up a retail shop which later collapsed due to mismanagement.
Date of birth 

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