Buy more retail items to increase more sales

Julliet Nakityo
Loan group 
Kyakuwa SSI 2869
Retail (shop-focused)
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Jane runs a retail shop at her home in Ssi. She says it's convenient and helps her watch her toddlers while she works. She sells items such as sugar, cooking oil, washing powder, sodas and other items. Since the shop is locked in the trading center, she makes good sells and these yield profit which helps her provide food for her family She asks for a loan so that she can buy more retail items such a sugar, soap, rice and salt among other items. .She believes that this shop can grow and in the future help her raise her children with quality education as well as sustaining the home especially along the lines of providing food and medication.
Personal situation 
Julliet was born in Ssi, went to school at Ssi primary school but later dropped out due to lack of money , she stayed at home and helped with the domestic work and at age of 14 years she was forced to marry by her father and she got married in Ssi and later opened a retail shop business.
Date of birth 

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