Buy more bananas and firewood to increase sales.

Proscovia Namuyiga Nantume
Loan group 
Kyosimba Onanya Kisugula SSI 5006
Retail (market-focused)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Harriet runs a banana business in Ssenyi, she buys the bananas from the farmers in the villages of Ssi, Kisugula and Gaaba at a cheaper price depending on the size, she buys the smaller bunches at 6,000sh, medium at 8,000sh and bigger ones at 12,000sh and sells them at 9,000sh, 12000sh and 15,000sh, consecutively to consumers in Kisugulu at a fairly higher price. , she makes good sells and these yield profit which helps her provide food and education for her children. Kisugula asks for a loan so that, she can buy more bananas and firewood. She believes that, this banana business can grow and in the future help her raise her children with quality education as well as sustaining the home especially along the lines of providing food and medication.
Personal situation 
Harriet was born in Nagalama in Mukono district, studied at Nagalama for primary school but dropped out in primary six after the death of her father her mother could not afford paying for her because she was just a housewife. Harriet got married and moved to Kisugula with her husband who gave her money and she started banana business and supplemented it with firewood selling.
Date of birth 

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