Buy firewood for burning bricks.

Serina Mazooba
Loan group 
Makula Kasubi 499
Manufacturing (carpentry, brick making, etc)
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Serina would like to make 25000 bricks so she needs to pay workers to make them. She would like to use the loan buy firewood for burning them before she sells them off. She will buy fire wood from some tree cutters in a nearby forest then she pays for transporting it to her home where she will burn it from. She hopes to sell off the bricks and she buys materials needed to build a better house to sleep comfortably.
Personal situation 
Serina is an elderly woman who studied up to primary seven and she has 8 children the youngest being in primary one. This forced her to start working and she started selling waragi, then she also started a bar which she runs and would like to boost.
Date of birth 

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