Buy a cow and invest in local spirit making.

Eve Aidah Bulya
Loan group 
Kyolaba Kasubi 1088
Manufacturing (carpentry, brick making, etc)
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Eva is experienced in making local spirit using bananas and molasses and currently her business is doing well which is why she needs to make it much better. She uses molasses (sugar by product) for making local spirit and she buys it from Lugazi. She gets 9 Jerry cans of water and she adds in 1 sack of molasses then she keeps it for a week after which she distills it and it gives her 1.5 jerry-cans of spirit. She always makes two bags of molasses per week and she gets 3 jerry-cans of spirit which she sells in whole sale to bar sellers. She would like to stock some bags so that she may avoid price fluctuations which are so common in this business. She would also like to buy a cow which will be slaughtered and it's meat sold on Christmas day where the prices and demand are high. She hopes to work hard and she buys her own plot of land since her husband's elder children vowed to chase her away from their father's land in case he dies before her.
Date of birth 

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