Buy 4 pigs and invest in raw food vending plus second hand clothes.

Joyce Nakalema Nabulya
Loan group 
Kisakye Kasubi 3890
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Joyce trades in raw foods such as bananas, cassava and sweet potatoes which she buys from the surrounding villages and she sells from Lugazi. She does this business three times in a week and she sells them to other vendors and restaurants since these buy in buy and they do not delay in payments. She would like to buy 4 exotic pigs which she will keep and she sells after about 8 months to create space for the new ones. She will keep only male castrated ones which grow faster and give higher returns. She hopes to work hard and she build her own house to stop sharing with her sister.
Personal situation 
Joyce says that she conceived while she was in senior one then after producing she enrolled in a crafts business. she later started teaching in a nursery school, she then started working as a matron which she retired and now she does farming for survival.
Date of birth 

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