Buy 2 pigs and a drum for distilling local spirit.

Teopister Nakibuka
Loan group 
Makula Kasubi 499
Other (service)
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Teopister has been keeping pigs for 20 years and she now has 3 pigs and 5 piglets which she would like to sale off. She now wants to buy exotic piglets which she says grow faster compared to the local ones and they fetch much money from the market. She will buy 2 piglets one male and the other female. She will keep the female one while it produces as she sells the piglets whereas the male one will be kept to mature for mating as she charges some a fee. She also brews local spirit and she wants to buy a drum for distilling it because the one she had got spoilt and has been hiring which would reduce on her profits. She hopes to improve on her business and she makes better profits to improve on her familys welfare.
Date of birth 

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