To boost Produce (coffee and maize) business

Rose Namutebi
Loan group 
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Rose has a produce store right at her home in Gonve. She explains that she mostly harvests coffee and maize from her farm, then she buys other food stuffs like cassava from the farmers within the village at wholesale price, dries it, stores it and resells them at retail price during dry season thus making profit. The profits yielded from the business have helped her get savings which she uses to meet her family’s day to day needs. She also trades in raw fresh foods which she sells on a daily basis. The loan will help her boost her business, yield profits hence boosting her savings income which she intends to use to pay her grand children’s school fees..
Personal situation 
Rose narrates that she is a born of Gonve ,mukono district. It is where she grew up from, studied from and dropped out in primary seven because her father was killed during the war and her mother could not afford to pay her school fees. She eventually got married. Her husband gave her a piece of land where she planted coffee which she harvests, sells and makes profits which she uses to meet the family’s basic needs.
Date of birth 

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