Boost her tailoring business to increase on sales.

Stella Nansamba
Loan group 
Paloma Kasubi 4029
Retail (shop-focused)
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Stella started a retail shop with her profits got out of her first loan. She would like to improve it to serve more clients and make more sales. she sales commonly bought Items which she buys from kasubi but with the loan she will start buying from Lugazi where they sell cheaply. She will also improve on her tailoring business where she sews school uniforms for nearby schools so she would like to buy rolls of different school uniforms. She says that in most cases people come ready to just buy material from her then she saws but they get disappointed when they do not get them there. So stocking them will make her get sales from sewing and selling the material. She hopes to work hard and she even stocks other clothes materials for sale such that other people and tailors buy from her to make more sales.
Personal situation 
Stella says that after her senior four she enrolled in a tailoring course and she now does a tailoring business which she says would be doing better if she had enough capital which is why she needs the loan.
Date of birth 

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