Boost her shop to educate her children

Annet Namuleme
Loan group 
Kisa Kya Maria Ngogwe 2150
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Annet narrates that she runs a retail shop in which she buys and sells items like sugar, flour, soap, matchboxes, books, diapers, sodas and Beers among others which she buys from Lugazi and sometimes from vehicles which bring around Ngogwe. She does her shopping twice a week and she adds that her business is doing well but will do much better if well stocked. She hopes to work hard and educate her children being a single mother.
Personal situation 
Annet narrates that she left her husband due to mistreatment; she then started staying with her children whom she is working hard to educate.
Date of birth 

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