To boost her salon business

Clare Nakabugo
Loan group 
Hope Namaiba 441
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
She is a hair dresser and says that her business is moving on well however competition is high due to the fact that there are many salons in Namaiba. However she plans to add cosmetics to her salon so as to work efficiently and attract more clients. She does hair styling, treatments, retouch and gelling. She expects her customer base to increase as well as her business profitability.
Personal situation 
She narrates that she studied and dropped out of school in senior four and her father passed on and no one else could manage paying her school fees so she went to stay with her uncle and got a job to teach in a nursery school for three years until when she met her husband and got married. However they separated in 1993 and she worked as a matron at Kisasi college for 4 years and saved some money which helped her to start selling soft drinks and food i.e. restaurant for 8 years to date.
Date of birth 

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