Boost her retail shop to save for her old age.

Imelda Kisakye
Loan group 
Mukisa Ngogwe 2006
Retail (shop-focused)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Imelda still wants to improve on her retail shop which sells items like sugar, flour, ground nuts, soda, beans bought from Lugazi and she does her shopping twice a week. She says that she would like to boost her shop so that whenever clients ask for an item, they find it there and this way she will be increasing on sales and profits. She also wants to buy source pans which are frequently asked for yet she had never raised enough money to stock them. She hopes to work hard and she buys a plot of land and she builds for her grandchildren.
Personal situation 
Imelda says that after her husband’s death, she was forced to start working in order to provide for her children since by then they were still young. She used to work as a midwife but due to the little salary, she thought it wise to open up a retail shop which she says at least enabled her to make some money which she used to educate her children and now it’s helping her in her old age.
Date of birth 

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