Boost her farming and do business

Sarah Najjuma
Loan group 
Akuwa okulya Kisoga Central 5246
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Sarah has a 1 acre plot of land where she does her crop farming, she cultivates sweet potatoes and bananas and at times she also grows some beans and Maize. Sarah harvests her crops and sells them to the small stall owners .Sarah says that she also has a small business of washing clothes for people and she has got very many customers who bring her their clothes for washing. Sarah says at the moment her customers are asking to also start ironing for them clothes and this is the reason as to why she wants to take a loan , she wants to rent a place where she can do her ironing from because she does the washing from her home and also wants to buy flat irons and she hopes to make a lot of profits when she starts ironing clothes for this customers and she will use these profits to pay school fees for her children and also cater for their needs.
Personal situation 
Sarah was born in mpigi district and its where she studied up to her primary two and then dropped out of school because the father had many children and never really valued education especially for girls. Sarah says that she was then forced into marriage as it is in the moslem culture that girls get married at an early age so she was married off by her father and it’s the money that the husband gave her that she used to cultivate the land and planted the banana plantations and also grows sweet potatoes and also started the dobbi business.
Date of birth 

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