Betty plans to use the loan to stock groceries and also invest in her mashroom growing.

Betty Nabawesi
Loan group 
Farming (crop)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Betty grows mushrooms, she buys the spores from wakaliga town in Kampala and then transports them using a taxi to her home in Bugolombe where she built a small tree house where she grows them. Betty says that she wants to take out a loan such that she can buy the spores in bulk since she now has many customers especially the stall owners who always place quite a number of orders though her business is quite small and she cannot supply all of them though she hopes that with the boost of another loan she will be able to supply them all and thus get more profits that she will use to educate her children.
Personal situation 
Betty was born in Kawomya village which is located in Buikwe district and that is where she studied from up to her primary seven and later dropped out of school after the death of her father sine her mother did not have enough money to educate her. She later got married and her husband gave her money to start her business.
Date of birth 

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