Ngambe Nampa
Loan group 
Tusiga Batunula Mpaata 5647
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Nampa has a local bar at her home where she sells local beers like senator, champion, soft drinks such as soda and some local brew. Nampa says that her bar is stocked with a few beers that are relatively cheap since its what she can afford yet some of her customers keep requesting her for the other expensive beers yet the demand has increased due to festive season and she always gives them excuses because she has no money to buy them that is why she is taking this opportunity to get a loan and be able to buy these expensive beers which entail Nile special, tusker, etc and be able to serve them very well and also make more profits that she will use to carter for her needs.
Personal situation 
Nampa was born in Sugu and its where she studied from upto Primary school. Nampa says her father never valued education for girl child and he stopped paying her fees. Nampa studied working as a waitress in a certain restaurant in Ggaba and later got married and her husband gave her money to start up a local bar.
Date of birth 

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