Banana Selling

Lydia Namande
Loan group 
Muno mubyona 2 Mpaata 5388
Trade (farming)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Lydia is one of few banana sellers in mpaata trading centre. Lydia harvests some bananas from her garden and sometimes she buys from other farmers in the nearby villages of Mpaata such as Bukule, Sugu, Mugomba among others at a cheaper price and in large quantities and transports them on a motorcycle and sells them at a higher price depending on the bargaining power of the customer. Lydia says now days bananas are very scarce; therefore they are expensive at the source yet her customers’ demand increases since it is the staple food in the area that is why Lydia wants to get a loan in order to stock many bunches of bananas and reduce on transport costs and meet her customer’s demands hence increasing profitability and be in position to take care of her children.
Personal situation 
Lydia says that she grew up with her grandparents since her parents were not well off and yet they had given birth to many children so they decided distribute most of the children into different family relatives. She studied up to primary five and her grandmother passed away yet she was the one paying for her school fees so eventually she dropped out of school and later got married though the husband used to beat her a lot so she left him and came back to her home town with her children to live with her mother. While in her home town, Lydia began digging in people’s villages and they would pay her, she later used this money to start her business.
Date of birth 

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