Animal rearing and food stuff

Jamira Nayiga
Loan group 
Tusitukire Wamu Kisoga 307
Farming (crop)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Jamila hard working. She earned income which she used to start buying foods stuffs to sell. A friend of hers from the town visited her and found she had too much food in supply cheaply. She told her about a town market with limited food supply where Jamila would sell her items at a better bargain. She bought the idea and Jamila has been selling food stuffs there, by 11: 00 o’clock Jamila returns to the village to shop for the next day. She has run this business on small scale but the customers she supplies need to buy more foodstuffs. With this loan she will buy more bananas, cassava and potatoes to sell to her clients. This will help her look after her children and may be acquiring a plot of land. She is now doing animal rearing
Personal situation 
Jamira is married for 19 years. The family is blessed with 6children, 3 are grown up and 3 are still studying. The family basically depended on agriculture and rearing animals for the last 19 years. Due to the desire to find better means to solve financial deficiency in the family, she decided to open a food kiosk. She has hope for a better future with a low cost loan and she says this is an opportunity she wants to utilize to grow her business to enable her solve the financial problems in her family.
Date of birth 

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