Agricultural farming

Dorah Nabagereka
Loan group 
Twagalane Nakisunga 379
Farming (crop)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Dorah farms, tomatoes, yams, cassava, sweet potatoes and maize for commercial and home consumption. She hires labor to clear the grassland, buy fertilizers and pesticides. . She says that the only challenge is the un predictable weather so this is why she plans to lease land which is swampy and water logged where she can work all year long. She expects the loan to help expand her farming from small scale to large scale and obviously get more output that will help build in her piece of land and settle with her family.
Personal situation 
Dorah Nabagereka narrates that she grew up with her parents and studied up to primary seven and later got pregnant and got married where she produced only one child and they separated and got another man whom she has three children with. She says that her current husband is a farmer, and they do farm together crops like, yams, cassava, sweet potatoes and maize for commercial purposes. She needs a loan to plant on a large scale to enable them buy a piece of plot.
Date of birth 

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