To add stock in her shop

Betty Nakiranda
Loan group 
Kisa Kya Maria Ngogwe 2150
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Betty operates a retail shop in Ngogwe town in which she sells items like soap, paraffin, cooking oil, sugar, flour, snacks among other which she buys from within Ngogwe due to lack of capital. She does her shopping twice in a week and she says that if she gets more money she will start buying from Lugazi at a reduced price to increase on her profits. She hopes to boost her shop to be able to make more sales to improve on her standard of living.
Personal situation 
Betty narrates that while in her marriage, she and her husband worked so hard to build but afterwards her husband chased her out of their house. She then went back to her father’s home where she started farming from which she saved and opened up a retail shop which she has been operating for 10 years to help her educate her children.
Date of birth 

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