Add capital to vegetable farming

Teo Nassazi
Loan group 
Kikonyogo Namaiba 402
Farming (crop)
Disbursement date 
Repayment frequency 
Expected end date 
Business plan 
Teopista is a vegetable farmer and she always buy 30 kilograms of vegetable seeds and first plant 15 kilograms and after germinating, she plants the remaining 15 kilograms. She does this because she doesn’t want all the vegetables to grow at the same time. She buys seeds from Nakawa Market and sells still in Nakawa market because the kind of vegetables she plants doesn’t have a market in Namaiba. But after getting the loan, she intends to plant vegetables on a larger scale which she believes to give her more profits to enable her pay school fees for her child since she is a single mother. She expects the loan to help her buy fertilizers, pesticides and vegetable seeds for planting.
Personal situation 
Teopista says that she grew up with her step mother who was not treating her well so her brother took her to stay with him and when her father married another lady, her father decided to take her to stay with the bride to comfort her. However, one day they lost money in the house and her step mother said she was the one who took the money but yet they were not giving her lunch and she would only eat dinner when her father was around. She dropped out of school in primary three and started to work in sorghum farming, making coacoa nut oil and later worked in a bar, house maid, making pancakes and she left because robbers would always attack her boss and they would always threaten to kill her too, so she decided to quit the job. She started to dig in people’s gardens to get money for 13 years to date. She says that wherever her capital reduces, she goes back to dig for people to get money. Currently she farms vegetables like (malakwa, otigo, and gobe) all local vegetables eaten in the northern part of Uganda. And after getting the money she expects the loan to boost her vegetable farming business and her mobile restaurant at the same time.
Date of birth 

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